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Ahad, 21 November 2010

Evil VS Satan

Being such a jerk person can make you realized that there's someone really cares about you and yet she/he didn't bother about your behavior either attitude. For example me, myself who's always being a jerk to anybody around me just because for one purpose that's I want to know how far people can accept others behavior or attitude that 100 percent contra to his/her behavior. Here (office), I tried to make everybody realized that I really an evil person although sometimes I can't resist to say No to the word Help yet if I'm trying to help the person I wouldn't do it sincerely. Why? There’s always some explanation for the things that happened around you each day rite? So, same goes to me, for everything that I've done to the people around me, especially at the work place must have reasons behind it. Most of the people can't bear to accept the person which is contra to his/her behavior because when they met each other there’s must be problems that occurred. Believe it or not? Recently I read a book about how to create a good or positive atmosphere around you even though most of the people around you not 100 percent like you! I mean behavior. How? First of all, you need to recognized or make an analysis on everyone around you. About what? About can they accept you as 'you' or they have another attention/purpose why they become a friend of yours. And you need to analysis about their behavior! How? You need to become someone which is totally different in-term of personalities, behaviors, and most of all life styles. Like being mentioned before people always feel annoying when comes to the things that not being liked by them but up to some points they have to pretend that they like it because they have intention to do something out of it. Others are crying while they keep smiling. Turn out from this point; I’m now being the smiling person which I’ll take advantages from others if they don’t realize it. “I saw many DUMB peoples walking around us and they just like us but THEY don’t know that they are the DUMB people”. Trying to solve problems but didn’t know how to solve it merely just like adding some more stupid problems into the problems. “Stupid Question comes with Stupid Answer”. And those who trying to ask the stupid question is not the stupid person but I’ll say the bravest person because not everybody has the braveness to ask a stupid question rite? For the life time that really short, we must have braveness to call our self as the Question Man yet try not to be the Stupid Man.